Isabella, the new brand ambassador for Blauer Junior.

Isabella - The Blauer Junior's ambassador

Isabella Sophie Paruzzo is the young talent chosen to represent Blauer Junior.

Isabella stand out at The Voice Kid in Germany, 2021 edition, leaving all the judges speechless. She was particularly appreciated by Álvaro Soler, one of the judges, who chose her to participate in the final.

Her performances on "Tu Si Que Vales" and "Italy's Got Talent" are also worth noting, where she won over the audience and all the judges in both cases. Her music also reached the "Top 16 Dein Song" in 2022.

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Isabella, of Italian-German origin, lives in Italy and fluently speaks both German and Italian. Thanks to her talent and dual nationality, she immediately became popular in both Italy and Germany, and her talent is growing internationally. Nowadays she is an inspiration for many children, reason why Blauer Junior chose her.