Enzo fusco

Fashion designer and innovator

Piemontese by birth, Pugliese by origin and Veneto by adoption, Enzo Fusco embodies the best characteristics of all three regions: rigour, cordiality and boldness.

A multi-faceted designer and entrepreneur

Over the years, Enzo Fusco has passed on his energy, determination and experience

to the other members of his family, a winning team that has succeeded in turning FGF Industry into a competitive group of brands and products, efficiently distributed all over the world.

"I’m not a traditional designer, I've learned more in the streets than in any classroom"

An enthusiast of army style, Enzo Fusco is a collector of technical and military garments. The 40,000 items in his personal collection are a source of ideas and influences that continue to inspire new projects with a metropolitan and cosmopolitan style.