A leading Italian company in the fashion industry

Founded in 1998 and originating from an idea by fashion designer Enzo Fusco, FGF Industry combines a truly Italian DNA with an international soul, which reflects in the style of its collections and its open, farsighted business vision.

With particular expertise in sportswear and outerwear, FGF Industry stands out for its use of innovative and durable fabrics, its comfortable, contemporary cuts and the recognizable quality of its finishes and details.

Besides its brands, the FGF Industry organization includes two external logistics firms for distribution and several partner firms for manufacture.

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Within FGF Industry, a specialized team is devoted solely to research, carrying out in-depth study into fabrics and styles, shapes and construction techniques, performance and durability.

The starting point is always Enzo Fusco’s personal archive, whose 40,000 garments collected from all over the world constitute an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The goal is to create increasingly highperformance products which are sustainable in every way.

Garments in recyclable fabric made from plastic bottles, environmentally-friendly padding or recycled down and self-heating jackets with rechargeable batteries: these are just a few of the numerous innovations launched on the market by FGF Industry.


The aim of FGF Industry is to distribute its products and brands all over the world.

A well-structured external logistics system and an established and widespread sales network have enabled FGF Industry to reach increasing numbers of customers, crossing first national and then European borders.

Overseas sales are increasing and soon are expected to account for 50% of the total. already present throughout Europe - Spain, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden. Norway, the Netherlands, the Czech republic, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Russia, FGF Industry recently began its expansion towards the United States, Canada, Japan and Korea.