BLAUER has teamed up with three new talents, making waves in the world of high-end fashion. This year, the brand chose the quintessence of sun and sea as their inspiration: surfing!

Ambre, Lorena, and Jolan, three incredible surfers, have been selected to showcase BLAUER's new Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Against the stunning backdrop of Fuerteventura, BLAUER captured their passion and skills in a special reportage. These talented guys not only wore BLAUER during their preparation but also during their breathtaking rides, embodying the essence of the new Beachwear capsule collection.

Whether on sand or in the water, the athletes' dynamic and versatile movements showcase the lycra swimsuits: scuba-inspired suits and beach boxers with vibrant color-block prints and marine patterns. All proudly signed by BLAUER.

Fuerteventura and Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, are the adopted homes of these three fantastic surfers. They live for the pursuit of the perfect wave, each with their own daring, spiritual, eccentric, and energetic personalities:

Ambre, a French dancer and surfer, seamlessly blends yoga poses with graceful and fluid movements, making her surfing style truly unique.

Lorena, a Peruvian residing in Tenerife, lives with an immense passion. She is not only a surfer but also a devoted mother to two young surfers and an entrepreneur, running her own artisanal leather brand.

Jolan, also French by birth, grew up amidst the waves of Europe's "Honolulu": Fuerteventura. He is the undisputed star of the island's turbulent waters, thanks to his extreme power while riding the waves.


BLAUER's collaboration with these three exceptional surfers captures the essence of the summer season, with a focus on artistry, high performance, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the ocean.