A T-Shirt for a Safer Internet

A T-Shirt for a Safer Internet

Blauer and Teddy Blauer, working side by side with Social Warning in the fight against cyberbullying.



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Blauer has brought in an exceptional ambassador to help with this initiative: Teddy Blauer, the teddy-bear policeman who has accompanied the brand’s charity collaborations for several years.

In this case his mission is to draw attention to an issue that is unfortunately on the increase: cyberbullying.

According to data collected by the Italian Society for Preventive and Social Paediatrics (SIPPS) for World Anti-Bullying and Cyberbullying Day on 7 February, over 35% of young people between 11 and 17 have suffered from bullying, and among those who use a cellphone on a daily basis (85.5%), a total of 22.2% report being victims of cyberbullying.

This phenomenon worsened in the time of Covid restrictions and at-home learning, which inevitably increased the amount of time spent online.

As a brand that’s always in step with the times, engaged with contemporary society and concerned with real-life issues, Blauer lends its support to the cause of Social Warning by creating a special T-shirt, featuring the Teddy BLAUER bear along with the Social Warning logo and the hashtag #cittadinidigitali.

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