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C.P. Company was set up in 1975, and soon became an essential point of reference for the fashion of the day.

Ever since its earliest beginnings, C.P. Company has been driven by two strategic concepts:
1) thorough research into functional and usable garments derived from military uniforms and work wear;
2) the transformation of fabric through experimentation with colour.

- Uniforms have always combined practicality with elegance. Even the smallest details are finished to fulfil the functions for which they were designed. Thanks to accurately controlled size, shape and weight, carefully chosen fabrics, and clever confection, uniforms have always been ideal for men with a specific job to do. And because they represent a certain status, uniforms are also a symbol of elegance.
Years of constant research have enabled C.P. Company to build up an archive of thousands of garments dating from the end of last century to today. This valuable heritage provides a solid basis for much of the company's know-how.

- To complement these historical roots, C.P. Company also undertakes constant research into new fabrics, finished garment designs and production processes.
C.P. Company is continuously testing new finished garment dying processes, in which garments are first confectioned and then dyed and treated to obtain the desired appearance.