The result of Enzo Fusco’s creative talent, BPD is a collection of lightweight, versatile outerwear, available in multiple combinations of colours, fabrics and materials.

BPD is aimed at men and women who are interested in technology and innovation, fashion-conscious and always on the look-out for something new.

Hence the choice of technical materials like 15 denier microripstop fabric produced in Japan, which gives maximum toughness while retaining an extremely light texture. BPD jackets made in this fabric are utterly light, perfect to carry everywhere ready for any situation, even the most unexpected, in the city or on a trip. The brand’s iconic garment is the jacket that folds away into a pocket.

The style is sporty, but always sober and elegant. Every garment, as the name BPD - Be Proud of this Dress - suggests, is designed to make its wearer proud.
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